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Teconly Rapier POD

 Teconly Rapier Pod not only provide users with the most perfect taste flavour but also with the smoothest airflow. The patented design with child lock keep your child safety by mistake. 

1,Details Instruction: Quickly click the fire button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn on/off this device.The indicator will blink in white 3 times.After 60 seconds you don’t vape,power will be off.

2,Vape: While the device is on,hold the fire button to vape,the indicator keeps on Green.It will automatically shop firing and the indicator will blink in Red 8 times when the button is held for longer than 10 seconds. 

3,Charging: Plug in the Micro USB cable, the indicator will blink 3 times when it is charging.When the voltage is less than 4.5V ,the indicator is on in red . when the voltage is more than 4.5v ,the indicator is on in white. Can’t vape while charging ,The indicator will be blink 6 times in white when pull out the USB. 
Size: 120*22*11.2mm 
Capacity:2 ML 
Batter Capacity:350mAh 
Puffs: 200 Puffs